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Outstanding Junk Car Removal Services

Same Day Pickup Service Available! We're Open 6 Days a Week!

Old jalopy

Car Removal Has Never Been Easier

Your old jalopy may be worth more than you know. Instead of letting your old, broken down car take up space in your driveway, turn it into something you can use – cold hard cash.
Junk Car Removal
Car Towing

Convenient Same Day Pickup Service

When you’re finally fed up paying for costly repairs worth more than your car, we’ll be waiting for you with a wad of cash. We accept a variety of junk vehicles. Get same day pickup on most days!
Types of Junk Vehicles We Buy
Car Towing

Get in Touch With Our Honest Staff

Even if your car is missing a motor and wheels or located miles away, you’ll still get top dollar for your car. Call the friendly staff at Martin Towing (D.B.A. Triad Clunkers) today.
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